I can’t teach anybody anything,
but there’s a lot you can learn from me.

- Hansel D’Souza

This is a philosophy that gave birth to Aquila Centre for Corporate Skills. Corporate Learning and Development is vastly different from Academic Learning. While academia may successfully impart theoretical and conceptual knowledge, learning in the Business World must lead to skill development. After all, companies don’t hire you for your knowledge, they hire you for your skills. The modern business executive needs a host of new skills like Presentation Skills, Negotiations Skills, Business Development Skills and Sales Force Training. This essential difference is what makes corporate learning a challenge. It takes a fine blend of knowledge, experience and the art of delivery to impart corporate skills. The business of pedagogy, differs vastly from andragogy. Aquila Center for Corporate Skills has perfected the art of andragogy with the help of innovative instructional design and practical hands on learning tools that introduce the adult learner to new concepts, which lead to skill development.

With thousands of man-hours of experiential expertise and decades of corporate training experience, our trainers offer some of the most valuable programs in the field of corporate training.

Sales Superstar

Star Sales Performers are "Made", not "Born". Does your Sales Team need a boost to produce Great Sales Results?
Over 1000 Sales People across the globe have risen to the challenge and become Sales Superstars! Companies have reported over 20% increase in sales.

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Negotiation is a key skills every executive needs. Across functions-Purchase, Sales, International Business, Finance, Human Resources; the demand remains as pressing. Executives across Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai have gained enormously from this World Class Negotiation Skills program.

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Executive Development Program : Each day-long module is conducted on site (at your premises) once a month. The time between modules can be used by the participant to practice the skill on the job.
Participants will receive certificates for each module attended.

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Training Modules

Aquila covers a wide range of topics that pertain to organisational development and personal growth. Most of these topics are related to the various job functions. Others deal with behavioral aspects of human development. We would also consider customizing programs to suit your needs.

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"There are very few teachers and educators who have made a deep impact on my life
and gained my highest respect, you are definitely one of them.
Just by attending your classes, I have become a brighter and more effective executive now."
- Frangky Hong, Singapore

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